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Simple Solution for your unmanned scaling operations.

Scaleit USA is proud to introduce our very own Unmanned Driver Terminal. Designed to be a plug and play setup; the Scaleit Driver Terminal is easy to install, setup and operate. The Scaleit Driver Terminal runs alongside Scaleit W8 so you can run manned operations and unmanned operations at the same time; or if you are looking to run you scale completely unmanned 24/7, this can do it! We have custom designed the Terminal Software to be extremely user friendly and touch friendly allowing you to configure the ticket steps that the driver will follow to produce a Scale Ticket.

Try Our Free Downloadable Version - Scaleit USA

Scaleit USA offers a free downloadable version that allows customers to pay for their individual use of the product by purchasing a Prepaid Weight Subscription. Weight Subscriptions are registered and the software tracks how many transactions are left for the customer. Weighing subscriptions range in price from $700 (1000 transactions) to $2,400 (unlimited transactions, renewed annually).

We will not only provide customers with recycling software at no startup cost, we will complete this with a low annual cost with software updates and remote technical support included. Scaleit USA offers free downloadable versions of the popular software, with customers paying for their individual use of the product. This is accomplished by purchasing our prepaid weighing subscriptions. Weighing subscriptions are registered within Scaleit W8 and the software tracks how many transactions (Weighings) are left for the customer. Weighing subscriptions range in price from $700(1000 transactions unlimited time) to $2,400(unlimited transactions, renewed annually).


Scaleit W8 can be configured with different user interfaces for each type of business with a truck scale: aggregate softwarescrap metal softwarewaste softwarelandfill softwarerecycling softwareagricultural software or a standard interface working for most market segments. Each user interface can be redesigned to fit your company perfectly. Scaleit W8 can run different departments or companies with different interfaces and give you full freedom on how to use your recycling software.


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