April 10, 2018
Shipping & Receiving Clerk
April 10, 2018


Scaleit is our 3rd… and FINAL scale program!   I can’t say enough good things about Scaleit!! We are a mid-size recycler, in MS, TN, and AL.


Our first scale program was (MTM) made for small, single location businesses, and it had a lot of issues that we just learned to live with for several years.  The software alone was about $15,000 in 2005. We also had to buy specific equipment (another $20,000). I will say that the customer service was slow, but they would try to work most problems.  They were unable to upgrade or add any type of service or programing we needed.


As we grew, we chose our 2nd scale program.  (BBP) sold us their bill of goods with all kinds of promises of what they could do.  It did LOOK good!  We had to pay for the software & hardware up front, before it was installed, along with specific hardware or there would be no warranties.  The total bill was just shy of $100,000.


From day one, (BBP) was a nightmare.  NO Problem was EVER resolved. Not one.  It never worked properly at a single location. Did I mention we had 10 at the time?   Tech support (2 guys)did not work past 5pm their time (um, they would hang up mid call and not answer until the next morning).  The salesman for us was the son of the owner… any mention to him that there was a problem brought a tirade in response about how I ‘dissed’ his dad.  Very unprofessional.


We endured that for a year.  Most of my cashiers learned to live with it, while our customers satisfaction with us fell through the floor (at times, it would take 10 minutes to complete one ticket).  At the annual renewal time, (BBP) acted insulted that I still wanted the problems fixed.  “Fine” they said, “Pay us another $25,000”. I was floored.


About that time Christopher from Scaleit USA called.  I had to have been a hard sell.  He asked to let him put in Scaleit at our hardest, busiest yard with the hardest to please cashier, for 30 days.  If he couldn’t fix every problem that came up  (ok, not telling you the bet).  So we did.  I told my guys to give it a hard time, try to break the programing, ask tons of questions, be a hard sell.  Promise you, I did not believe a word the sales man said.


I am SO very glad we went with Scaleit.  It is our 3rd scale program, and it is our last one.   I promise you that every problem that came up was resolved quickly, neatly, and professionally.  It doesn’t matter what time it is or the day of the week.  I did not have to buy new equipment, they worked with what I had. Even the old stuff. How novel is that!!??


You cannot guess at how comforting it is to know that Scaleit has our back, especially when the regulatory boards come looking for more.


Use their free 30-day trial.  Test drive it like a race car driver.



Scaleit has my permission to delete the bad reviews on their competition, or the initials I left, but not one word about Scaleit can be changed.  Not that any is needed.