Alicia M. Hamilton
March 25, 2018
Sorensen Sand & Gravel
April 10, 2018

Veidekke Industri AS

I was recently contacted by a representative of Scaleit AS and posed the following question: “What is the main reason that Veidekke chose Scaleit as their truck scale software provider?” My answer was simple and clear: You know our business! In addition, you sell scales and service all types of truck scales so this makes you an obvious choice!


Then known as Kolo Veidekke, our company had over many years completed acquisitions and mergers.  We had many types of truck scales and truck scale software within our organization.  We had gained vast experience about truck scale software found on the market.


In 1996 we decided to consolidate to one truck scale software provider.  It was very important to our comapny to process and coordinate invoicing centrally.


For many years we enjoyed a great relationship with Scaleit AS; you truck scale software worked as we wanted and your company already serviced most of our truck scales.  The choice was so easy.  We negotiated a long-term agreement with Scaleit AS for your software for use at all Veidekke locations and for the purchase of additional driver terminals.


In 2003, we entered a great relationship with Scaleit AS where we upgraded from DOS version to the new windows version.  The new agreement weas extended for the delivery of personal computers and service agreements.


Most recently, June 2011, we signed another new contract with LFV.  Among other things, we wanted to upgrade to the new truck scale software program Scaleit W8 with the common database of customers and products.


Scaleit AS has been our partner because the products and service performed are at a very high level.


Best regards,

Frode Herseth

Veidekke Industri AS

Manager Hovinmoen Grus

Coordinator Truck Scale Software