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April 10, 2018
PAW Companies
April 10, 2018

Sorensen Sand & Gravel

Back in business with a scale system that we’ll be using for the long haul!
Our old software
For many years our original scale system treated us well but when it came time to upgrade to a newer com-puter we realized the weighing software was not compatible with Windows 7 or even Vista. It also lacked many features and could not be upgraded. It was time to find something new.
Searching for new software
Our search for new software consisted of online searches, local distributor inquiries, and even calling more than 20 gravel pits in Utah, Idaho and Arizona in search to find a program that was recommended and had good value. In our search we found basic weighing software costing a couple hundred dollars all the way up to complete systems with costs exceeding $10,000. Many of the companies offering the better weighing systems either recommended or required yearly service plans on top of the initial purchase. A few times we came across products that seemed to have great value but we realized the additional setup costs, future upgrade costs, and even lack of customer support made them unreasonable. Our search continued for more than a year.
Finding Scaleit
After countless hours searching for a solution we finally came across Scaleit. Their website answered all our questions. Pricing was upfront with the WEIGH CARDS. With the upfront pricing we knew what it would cost to invest in their software. Before purchasing our first WEIGH CARD we took advantage by downloading the full version of the software. It didn’t take long and we were hooked.
During the first month with Scaleit software programmer Jason Ford helped make sure our transition was smooth. He instructed us on how to customize screen layouts, design custom tickets and sync Quickbooks. A few times Jason actually worked remotely on our PC to make sure everything was working properly. We have never incurred any other costs besides the weigh card and new hardware.
We have now processed over 4,000 weighs and are very happy with the results. During the time we’ve been with Scaleit there have been multiple updates to the software and this is a sign that we will be with Scaleit in the future. There is nothing that compares to Scaleit and their Truck Scale Software W8.
Tyler Sorensen
Operations Manager