The Best
April 10, 2018
April 10, 2018

Coudn’t have asked for a better company .

We have been with Scaleit for a little over 5 months now.  We could not ask for a better software or better support. Our company was with another software program for two years.  It was a disaster. We had so many issues with the software and never any support to make things right.  Since being with Scaleit, we now know what a real support and software company is suppsed to be.  Every problem I have they are right there to help me with out a doubt.  I dont have to wait on hold for an hour, just to be transefered five times to finally (maybe) get something completed or done correctly.  The customer support team they have is an amazing team!  They are the best program we have had, at the best price at that!  I would, and have, recommend Scaleit to anyone needing this kind of software.  The are truly there to help any time you need it and are just wonderful on top of that.  I came into a few issues because of my last software program and they fixed it (after the company who actualy owned the software had no clue).  We are so glad to have everything converted over with Scaleit.  Business is running smoothly and we couldn’t be happier. THANKS SCALEIT!



Tia Roark

Preisdent of T&J Salvage INC.

16858 Pasco Acres Dr .

Springhill, FL. 34610