Shipping & Receiving Clerk
April 10, 2018
Amazing Support
November 2, 2018

We work to make your business work easier, faster, more efficient!

I just wanted to let you know how beneficial your reporting features are! Our customers are very appreciative when I offer a vehicle report to help them reconcile trucking invoices on big projects, and this is something they’re becoming quite accustomed to. In fact, it was one of the deciding factors in helping us land a 100,000-ton job because I was able to offer this for their accounting department! If you aren’t familiar with how trucking companies invoice, it’s quite a mess LOL. Some bill by the job, others by the day/week/month, and for others there’s no rhyme or reason…they just bill when they find tickets in the trucks. This can create a nightmare for A/P but the reports make it nice and easy to see what each truck hauled on which day so it can easily be checked off the list as they come in, making duplicate payments less likely.

We also have a customer who is our second largest client here at the St. Mary office and I’ve started giving him a monthly project report so it simplifies his accounting and helps ensure that he is billing everyone for the correct loads/tonnage. In one month, he may have 20-50 different customers so he’s been pleasantly surprised at the time this saves him. I send it to him in spreadsheet format and he can then copy and paste into his invoice template so his data entry time is significantly reduced.

And kudos too to your team for helping me tweak our invoices and reports so they best suit our needs….they’ve all been very helpful and patient!!