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Year 1970
In the spring of 1970, Odd Landgraff, Odd Rasen, and Roy Hansen began Landgraff Vekter (vekter = scales) as equal partners from a rented garage in Oslo. Landgraff was the company salesman. Rasen and Hansen were service technicians. The company provided and serviced all types of scales.
Year 1971
May 14, 1971 marks the official registration date of Landgraff Vekter AS. Odd Landgraff, Odd Rasen, and Roy Hansen became equal partners in the new shareholder company. They worked from the rented garage for two years. May 29, 1971 - Al Unser won the Indianapolis 500 for the second year in a row.
Year 1973
The company moves to a new business location. During the years of 1973 – 1984, it was business as usual. The company experienced modest growth. By year’s end, the company added a secretary and a third service technician. The scalemen had a blue-collar approach to business and were happy to be self-employed.
Year 1976
April 1, 1976 - Apple was established in Steve Jobs's garage in Los Altos, California. Before the 1980s, truck scales relied on mechanical means of measuring. The innovation of software introduced a new world of opportunity and rapidly accelerated the adaptation to electronic truck scales. Early users realized a multitude of new found benefits: efficiency, minimized paperwork, speed, fewer human errors, greater accuracy, increased profitability, streamlined operations, etc.
Year 1981
January 1981 - Flintab, a Swedish truck scale manufacturer starts a new truck scale dealership with Nordic Supply. The new business is a department of Nordic Supply. This is the beginning of what later is known as Flintab Vekter. August 12, 1981 - IBM launched their first personal computer (IBM PC).
Year 1985
January 1985 - Landgraff acquires the truck scale division from Nordic Supply that becomes Flintab Vekter AS. Landgraff handles the sales and service of smaller scales, and Flintab Vekter AS handles the truck scales. The combined company becomes a major player in Norway. November 1985 - Microsoft introduced Windows.
Year 1986
During the spring of 1986, Dag Rasen was involved in software development and while working full-time for Norsk Data (a Norwegian computer company), his father asks if he would be able to develop a software package for Flintab truck scales. By the year’s end of 1986, the first version named “DOS-X11” was complete.
Year 1987
January 8, 1987 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 2,000 for the first time, and the market closed at 2,002.25. January 1987 - Åsland Pukkverk became the first software customer of the newly developed DOS-based software program. February 1987 - Flintab Vekter hired Dag Rasen full-time. Oct. 19, 1987 (Black Monday) - The day stock markets around the world crashed. Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) dropped by 508 points to 1738.74 (22.61%). Q4 1987 - Feiring Bruk AS becomes one of our earliest, substantial, and most significant customers. Feiring Bruk is family owned with origins in crushed stone and gravel plants. Their business is dominant in eastern Norway, where they have 10 quarrying operations that are producing aggregate, sand & gravel, soil, bark and asphalt products ( The company buys 10 software licenses and is our first networked solution customer operating on a Novell network. Case study of Feiring Bruk By the year’s end of 1987, Flintab Vekter sold a total of 20 software licenses.
Year 1988
Leading up to a software breakthrough, Dag discovered two outstanding programmers and hired them both. At that time, they were senior year college master students in software development and part-time employees. They both made a great impact in software development for the next two years. Each year from 1986 to 1997, thousands of scales of all types were sold. Between 15 and 20 truck scales per year were sold and a majority of them were purchased with software in a variety of market segments such as aggregate, waste, recycling, grain, bulk, etc. At these earliest stages of evolution, it was apparent to the scalemen that their software was becoming a determining factor in winning new scale business. More software licenses than truck scales were sold. During this time, 250-300 DOS licenses were sold to mostly single location customers. Virtually all remain current customers today.
Year 1990
May 22, 1990 - Microsoft released Windows 3.0.
Year 1991
Tom Roy Hansen joins Landgraff Vekter. Previously, he was a carpenter with an entrepreneurial spirit who renovated and accumulated investment properties. June 1991 - At the annual meeting of the Norwegian Sand and Gravel Association, Dag Rasen was invited to conduct a presentation. For the first time ever, he presented a new concept - unmanned weighing operations and the first unmanned driver terminal. Members and attendees dismissed the concept and terminal with ridicule and amusement, “Dette vil aldri fungere i vår bransje!” (This will never work in our branch!).
Year 1992
By 1992, a number of companies such as Toledo (later became Metter-Toledo), Berkel (Avery bought Berkel and Weigh-tronix to become the company we know today as Avery Weigh-tronix), and Danvægt (Danish truck scale manufacturer) started developing truck scale software. Late 1992 - Odd Landgraff left the company. October 24, 1992 - The first World Series ever with games played outside the United States of America. The American League champion Toronto Blue Jays played the National League champion Atlanta Braves. Toronto defeated Atlanta, four games to two, marking the first time a team based outside the United States won the World Series.
Year 1993
June 1993 - Veidekke ASA became a very important new Flintab Vekter customer. Veidekke is one of Scandinavia's largest, most reliable, and most respected contractors and property developers. Headquartered in Oslo, the company has approximately 6,000 employees with about 700 ongoing projects at any one time spread over large parts of Scandinavia. Veidekke recognizes that the total quality of a project increases through close interaction between all stakeholders. The first of many sales consisted of complete weighing solutions – truck scales and truck scale software. The company had utilized several truck scale softwares before. When asked why they chose our company? - “You know our business!” - Testimonial - April 1993 - The seniors Odd Rasen and Roy Hansen extended greater and increasing responsibilities to their respective sons. The boys (Tom Roy and Dag) had drive and ambition and were given ownership shares. Tom Roy was already the Sales Manager and Dag was the Technical Manager. Business was already very good but they wanted to achieve more and they wanted to expand. The sons found conviction that their software was the determining factor in winning more business overall and closing more new truck scale sales over competitors who offered just a scale. December 8, 1993 - U.S. President Bill Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement into law.
Year 1994
January 1994 - The Landgraff and Flintab businesses relocate to a new building - the same location from which it operates today. Still operating as separate companies comprised of approximately 6 employees each. Tom Roy was promoted Manager for Landgraff Vekter, Dag was promoted Manager of Flintab Vekter. February 1994 - The 1994 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XVII Olympic Winter Games, opened in Lillehammer, Norway. Early 1994 – Embarking an ambitious project to build the new Oslo International Airport , the Civil Airport Administration (today Avinor) invited bids for unmanned weighing solutions (scales, terminals, software and support) to track, weigh, and manage the removal and reuse of rock, stone, and gravel materials from where a small mountain once stood. Flintab Vekter was awarded the project because of our ability to prove reliable unmanned weighing operations. The airport authority had stringent requirements for scale ticketing, operational consistency, and reporting. All companies involved in the hauling, removal, and delivery of aggregate materials were required to adopt our software. The construction of the main airport started in August 1994. Mid 1994 – Scancem became our first international customer. Scancem is now known as Scancem International DA, a part of HeidelbergCement - the largest producer in the African cement market. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the company operates in seven sub-Saharan countries. They purchased complete weighing solutions (scales and software) for their new sites in Ghana and Togo. The company employs 68,000 people at 2,800 locations in 50 countries. 1994 - 1996 were busy and very productive years. The businesses were realizing excellent growth, increasing their investment in development, and expanding their dealer network to approximately 30 including 10 industrial/truck scale dealers.
Year 1996
October 1996 - The new Oslo International Airport opened on schedule. Using 10 scales, between 1-2 million weighings were performed over the 2 year construction project. Some truck scales that were utilized in the airport project were used in a related high-speed train construction project that began immediately following the airport opening.
Year 1997
January 1, 1997 - To improve customer service, reduce operating costs, improve marketing, gain greater market share, and establish a clearer identity as the market leader, the two companies merged to establish Landgraff & Flintab Vekter AS. Dag and Tom Roy had set in motion their own business development plan. The newly merged company had 12 employees and a total revenue of $3M. February 16, 1997 - Jeff Gordon won his first Daytona 500, becoming the youngest driver in history to win the race. Mid 1997 – “V2K,” our first Windows-based software was released. Icopal became the first new customer and purchased 20 licenses. Headquartered in Denmark, the Icopal Group delivers high-end products for flat and pitched roofing and offers a broad service range including installation services. The Icopal Group now has an annual revenue of approximately EUR 1 billion with some 3,600 employees worldwide. Summer 1997 – Kraft Foods became a new customer. A new truck scale and software was installed at their operation branch (previously Freia Chocolate) in Oslo.
Year 1998
September 4, 1998 – incorporated.
Year 1999
Ragn-Sells AS became a new customer for scales and software. The company is Scandinavia’s foremost expert in waste recycling and new environment. The company and its 2,300 employees have a deep belief in “Part of the cycle" ecological thinking - both the economic and environmental ( They initially purchased 6 licenses, which later increased to 15. 60 software licenses sold in 1999.
Year 2002
2001 & 2002 – Tough and challenging years for business and personal reasons. Norway experienced a housing crash and overall the business climate was down. Our company remained profitable, the business plan was expanded, and five new employees were hired. After years of working almost around the clock, Dag was exhausted and took a much needed leave of absence. Tom Roy was recovering from a life-threatening surgery so he was absent for almost two years.
Year 2003
January 2003 - Dag returns! Later in the year Tom Roy returns! Leadership was again healthy and re-energized. The company was consolidated, regained its prior momentum, and repositioned to realize its most substantial expansion and success. February 2003 - Franzefoss AS Group consolidated enterprise-wide to the V2K software. Previously, the company had some licenses of older versions of our software. Franzefoss Aggregate AS, a subsidiary and one of Norway’s leading mining companies became admired as a knowledgeable company. Over decades as a supplier to the construction industry, public sector, agriculture, and more, they have developed a unique expertise. Franzefoss Aggregate produced approximately 3 million tons of crushed stone, gravel, sand, soil, and asphalt at 17 plants in Norway. The group also includes a sister company, Franzefoss Recycling AS. May 5, 2003 – Professional social networking site LinkedIn was launched. LinkedIn reported more than 100 million registered users, spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Mid 2003 – Scaleit SRL was established in Romania as the Scaleit Software Development Department. Beginning with just two highly talented programmers, they began developing a totally new software package while continuing to support older V2K Windows-based versions. Oleg Andrisan was hired as Manager. He previously served as an independent software developer contractor since 2001.
Year 2006
2004-2006 - Landgraff & Flintab Vekter acquired 3 small truck scale sales & service dealerships. Dag and Tom refined and repositioned the business model and added new staff. July 2006 – Jydsk Vægtfabrik became the first international Scaleit software dealer. With a long history of manufacturing and selling truck scales, this modern Danish company currently provides high technology weighing equipment for the truck scale industry. Jydsk Weight Factory is the Danish distributer of Sartorius industrial scales and Bilanchai truck scales.
Year 2007
January 1, 2007- Scaleit Group AS was established as the parent company and business development group for the development of the Scaleit brand to introduce new companies to new markets. Dag and Tom Roy became the principals for the group, vacating their respective roles. Promotions are made to fill new Landgraff & Flintab Vekter Managing Director positions. January 1, 2007 - Romania joined the European Union (The “EU”). Spring 2007 – Scaleit W8 was released! Our mission is to be the #1 choice worldwide in truck scale software solutions. June 2007 – GLØR Lillehammer became the first Scaleit W8 customer in Norway. GLØR is the waste recycling company owned and operated by the five cities in the Lillehammer region. The group served 35,000 people and 17,000 household customers. Each city currently utilizes Scaleit W8 software in a networked environment.
Year 2008
April 2008 – Aker Yards became the first Scaleit Romania customer. Aker Yards, a subsidiary of the South Korean industrial conglomerate STX Corporation, is the largest shipbuilding group in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, they purchased scales and software for their shipyard in Romania. April 14, 2008 - Delta Air Lines reached an agreement with Northwest Airlines to take over Northwest and create the world's biggest airline. 2008 - Coca-Cola became a new customer in Romania. Scaleit Romania installed two truck scales in two production plants: Ploiesti in 2008 and Timisoara in 2009. Both plants are equipped with Scaleit W8 weighing software. We’re also contracted for maintenance and annual metrological verification. October 2008 - Petrom became a new customer. Our company was still in its infancy in Romania and perceived as invisible and uncompetitive. Once aware of our software and expertise, Petrom awarded the largest contract ever issued for truck scale solutions in Romania to Scaleit Romania. Petrom is the largest company in Romania, focused on extraction and processing of oil and natural gases. Our contract started in 2009 and required the installation of 34 unmanned truck scale systems (all with W8 software) in 17 bio-remediation plants all over Romania near oil extraction points. Scaleit Romania acts as a sub-contractor for Precia Molen, being responsible for civil works and installation works of the weighbridge systems, as well as installation of computers with W8 weighing software. W8 is currently installed in 5 locations with on-line/off-line synchronization with a central database. Scaleit Romania has installed video surveillance systems on each location with picture acquisition of every vehicle being weighed. As of May 2011, 5 locations (10 weighbridges) have been installed, tested, and certified. The 2011 schedule included 3 new locations to be installed, each with 2 weighbridge systems. The remaining 9 locations (18 weighbridges remaining) are scheduled for 2012 and 2013. 2008 - Under the leadership of Oleg Andrisan and Viorel Vasile, Scaleit Romania succeeded in selling 50 truck scales during the first year. The department expanded to 20 employees and Scaleit Group revenue increased exceeding $8M.
Year 2009
Bechtel became a Scaleit Romania customer. We performed a retrofit of seven truck scales originally installed in 2008. All scales use W8 software. The scales are used for weighing construction materials that are used in building several sections of the Transylvania Motorway. March 2009 - Scaleit Romania was reorganized and operated as two companies: Scaleit and Scaleit Software. Also, 2009 marked the first year of manufacturing our own truck scales for the Romanian market. During our first year, we developed and sold 85 scales!
Year 2010
August 2010 – In preparation for the introduction and launch of Scaleit USA, Dag and his family relocated from Norway to Clearwater, Florida. October 11, 2010 – The official launch of and start date of Scaleit USA. November 2010 – Sorensen Sand and Gravel became the first Scaleit USA customer. Family owned and operated since 1982, their aggregate operation became the first subscriber for the radically new Scale W8 concept. -Testimonial - 2010 – Scaleit Romania developed and sold 100+ scales. Scaleit Group expanded to 50+ employees, and the total revenue increased to $10 million.
Year 2011
ArcelorMittal became a new Scaleit Romania customer. ArcelorMittal is the world's leading steel company with operations in 60+ countries, and the current leader in all major global steel markets. We performed a rail track scale retrofit (17 meters, 100 ton). The rail scale retrofitting took place in Hunedoara. Additionally, we developed and installed an automatic railcar identification system to prevent human errors on weighing of rail cars within trains. October 2011 – National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) issues NTEP Certificate of Conformance 11-097 for CN 6979, Scaleit W8 is NTEP approved! October 2011 - Concluding only our third year of truck scale manufacturing and sales activities, we projected our company would build and sell 150-175 truck scales, 85% integrated with Scaleit W8, and a total projected revenue of $14M for the calendar year of 2011. We exceeded our projections! Nearly 200 truck scales were sold, 90%+ integrated with Scaleit W8. We have long believed that W8 motivates customers to choose Scaleit as their weighing equipment solution provider and the reason for our rapid growth. It is our customers that tell us this is true.